Delivery Charges for Large Products

For our larger products the delivery charge will be dependent on where you are in our delivery map. This is shown through the use of sectioning areas off into different zones. The biggest zone is the green which is zone one this will have a free delivery. However, zone 2 and zone 3 there will be some additional charge:

  • Zone 1 - free
  • Zone 2 - £60.00
  • Zone 3 - £78.00
  • Scotland Highlands (white area) - £138.00

While we are able to deliver to most of the country we are only able to deliver to the UK mainland. Although, we do our best to help in the transition overseas by being able to deliver to the port of your choosing within the mainland UK. 


Please see this page for more details on how we deliver our large products such as Log Cabin, Gazebo's Garages etc: Log Cabin Delivery


Delivery Area map and delivery Zones

Delivery Area Map 


More Information

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