Single Carport Roofing Sheets Installation

This article relates to the single carport 41.0005: Fitting of the roof sheets.

  • Make sure your roof is square.
  • Your roof sheets run from front to back with a join on the middle beam. 
  • You have 7 beams in your roof and you need to use 11 screws per beam.
  • Place the first 5 roof sheet from right hand side to left hand of your low point, this will position your roof sheets evenly 
  • Screw the right hand roof sheet on the right hand side and in the middle of the sheet on the first 3 beams, then screw the join and the middle of the second sheet  and repeat this process until the first 5 sheets are screwed to the 3 beams on the lowest end.  
  • Place the first roof sheet at the right hand high point and screw this to the 4 remaining beams this will secure the join in the roof sheets 
  • Repeat this for the remaining roof sheets


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