Wooden Pergola Roofing

The roof cover is the same size as it has always been and it needs to be loose otherwise too much strain is applied to it in wind.

We had one of these on show for a couple of years and we did find it also filled with water if we left the roof on. Technically it should be removed in inclement or windy weather. It should especially be removed in the Autumn and Winter months.

By way of experimenting with it we did pull the roof tighter, we then used screws and washers to secure it on the leading edge. This did work but concerns were raised as it was so taught and in windy conditions there was some strain at the corner. Of course we should have removed it in high winds but it was interesting to note.

As another experiment we left the roof as it comes but then, using a soldering iron made some small holes where water collect. This seemed to work quite well and did drain the roof.

However, the roof is designed loose as already mentioned so water should either be pushed off manually ( we used a broom) or the roof removed in heavy, inclement weather.

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