Fixing Foundation Beams to a Base

If you are intending to fix the foundation beams it is best to lay out the first log and find the correct positioning for the foundation beams, also, of course, making sure they are 100% square. you can then mark them and take away the logs.

How you fix them is up to you but I would fix directly through the flat part that the logs sit on and depending on the surface rawl plug and screw or compression bolts.

It is a good idea to fix the first log to the foundation beam as this helps with the install as you go up. It is not necessary but does help. For the half logs we will normally screw straight down. For the full log, if you have a long enough screw, again, you can screw down with the head placement between the grooves of the log. Alternatively you can screw through at an angle from the inside, this screw would then be hidden by skirting board you use for the floor. You can of course also screw from the outside and a little wood filler will hide the screw head.

As when screwing any wood together it is a good idea to pilot hole to stop the wood splitting. Also try not to bury the head of the screw as it will make disassembly easier should it be necessary in the future.

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