Starting Your Pyramid Roof

Starting the pyramid roof on a log cabin such as the Dainiel, Ingrid, or any cabin with a pyramid roof is pretty straightforward and can be built however you feel it is easier.

It is up to you which way you start, as the video shows on our installation advice page the installers are starting with the first lowest down board, they then work around the building.

I personally tack one triangle first to make sure all is working with minimal of cutting, once I am happy I will nail the section on fully and work around the rest of the building. You may have a different way of doing it. So long as all the roof boards are nailed on with two nails in each board at each junction then that is all that is required.

You may also need to trim some boards at the corners or at the top.

Please also see this article on fitting an pyramid roof which will also help you:


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