Impregnation Immersion Treatment of a log cabin

We offer an immersion Treatment for you log cabin is an anti-rot treatment, your building will still need 3 coats of a good quality treatment on top of this treatment.

The immersion process uses impregnation agents in a diffusion - immersion process, all the parts of the log cabin are treated including the windows, doors and roof. After impregnation the cabin is allowed to air dry and is then re-packed.

However, this is just an insecticide and fungicide treatment. Therefore, this would still need a weatherproofing treatment applied to the building to completely protect the cabin against the elements.

It has been known that because of the way the treatment process works sometimes with the thinner logs it can cause knots to loosen and pop out.

The delivery time when using the Immersion will extend to an additional 8-12 weeks.

When immersion treatment has been ordered this is making a standard product bespoke. 50% non-refundable deposit will be requested when an order is placed.

An estimated delivery time can not be given in the first week from point of order.


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