Floor Joist Installation

Should floor joists should be fixed to the foundation beams?
I will always fix the floor joists, I do this because it hold them in place after I have set them and stop me kicking or moving them as I start to lay the floor. Ideally they will be set at against the foundation beams. The timber does not expand length wise, only width wise.

It is the floorboards we are concerned with as these can and will move (expanding widthwise), this is why we like a small expansion gap all around so the floor never impedes on the cabin wall causing it to move and dislodge.

This gap is of course covered by the skirting cover strip.
Ideally the floor joists are set about 300 - 350mm apart. They do not need to be fixed to the base. always ensure you have a DPM either underneath the floor or within your base to stop damp.
Please see this page for more details: Log Cabin Floor.

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