The difference between a Shed and a Log Cabin

A shed is a panelled structure. A frame is first made and the cladding is nailed onto it. Each wall is then a  panel. It is normally installed directly on top of it's floor. A shed will have a cladding thickness of 7mm - 18mm.

A Log cabin is built with individual logs. The log interlock with a jointing system at the corners. Each log is either 114mm or 135mm in height depending on the log cabin chosen.

A Log Cabin from Tuin will sit on top of a foundation beam which runs around the whole perimeter of the building including the doors. A floor will sit within the cabin, not underneath it. The floor is a floating floor meaning it is not connected to the wall logs. 

Typical Shed Construction

Typical Log Cabin Construction

Standard foundation beam being used in a build


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