Should you secure the Wooden Pergola roof?

It is a good idea to secure the edges of the roof, the method is up to you but you can use rope for a quick release, hooks are an idea but I have used screws and a washer in the past.

You can also nail it which is the intended method but I don't think it looks very pleasing.

The roof is supposed to be loose so it can move with the wind, if it is too taught is could rip. However, when I experimented a few years ago I pulled the roof taught and used screws and washers to keep it tight. I did find though the corner started to fray with the strain when windy..

I also experimented with water accumulation and used a soldering iron to make small holes which worked well. 

Of course the roof is ideally taken down when in bad weather and especially over the Autumn and Winter. During the Spring and Summer you can simply knock any collected water off.

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