Flex Fence System

The only pictures we have of this system are currently on the website, we do have pictures showing the physical sizes which should help.

The standard finish is stainless steel, we cannot provide a coated finish although I'm sure it's possible for you to do so once delivered. you may wish to contact company who specialises in this for their advice on coating Stainless steel.

These systems can be cut on site to suit, the spacings though cannot be adjusted with out modifying it somehow of which we cannot unfortunately advise.

For the timber sizes please check the detailed images showing the measures, I would personally not advise a thickness of over 20mm. we have no set weight limit as the wooden frame you construct around its perimeter will fully support the rails both at the top and bottom.. or left and right as required 

The price shown on the site includes 2 x Flex fence rails at 1650mm


More Information

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