Our Treatments

When using our treatments you have two options, 

The carefree being an all in one treatment meaning no under of over coats are required.. this is generally more expensive.

Or a combination of Embadecor and Embalan which work well with each other as an undercoat then final coat.

Generally though most customers will choose to purchase treatments form local merchants so they can see samples then purchase the tins in small QTY's at a time so not to over do it.

In terms of the floor we offer, we don't sell matching joists to the ones that arrive in the standard packs; but you can buy timber either form our range, or locally.

Being honest again though, if you plan on adapting the floor you might be best getting the whole lot form somewhere local so it all matches,

More Information

Answers to most questions can also be found by typing into the search bar in the widget or info center or of course please contact us to help further.