Adding Additional Windows/Doors When The Cabin Is Built

To add an additional door/window to your cabin once constructed it is actually very simple, First you will need to ensure there is sufficant space in your chosen spot to allow at least 200mm either side for strength, Any short and you run the risk of the wall being weakened, this 200mm should be clear of any interlocking corner or existing door/window.

When your new window arrives it will have fascia boarding around its entire perimeter, both inside and out,

Both sets of fascias will need to be removed so you're left with just the frame.

Now you're ready to draw your cut lines on the cabin itself using the window as your template. Once you have your shape you will need to add to this to allow for expansion. I would normally add 20mm on both the left and right side, followed by 40mm on the top.

You then make your cut using a drill to start it off followed by a Jigsaw to go around your lines.

Proceed to then add one side complete of fascias, which will allow the window to be placed into the hole. Then place the complete opposite side of fascias on to sandwich the window into position.

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