Do I Need Guttering?

Guttering for our cabins are an optional extra. Customer might have guttering for any of the following reasons:

  • This helps to alter the water's direction away from the cabin's walls and windows and this helps to protect them. Particularly in exposed areas and bad weather conditions.
  • Guttering helps to protect the doors and windows, essential in heavy downpours.
  • Due to the reason mentioned above the cabin will not have to be treated as regularly as the weather will have a decreased impact upon the cabin.
  • Having the guttering will also mean that it is possible for you to be able to collect the water from this which can then be used for things such as gardening.
  • You would not dream of not having guttering with your house, the same should apply with your log cabin.

As the guttering is an optional extra, it does not need to be installed when the cabin is installed and can be something that can be added later if you feel it is necessary to do so, we supply guttering but this can of course also be found at your local builders merchants or diy shop.

We highly recommend guttering is fitted to every garden building.


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