Residential Cabins

We do not have specific 'residential log cabins', we do though have some standard buildings that maybe suitable for your needs:, Our larger cabins can be found with in our 70mm range should you wish to have a browse.

We can of course also make bespoke buildings, please see this page for details and information we will need to provide a quote:

However, for a standard log cabin to become residential you will need both planning permission and to conform to building regulations which will include foundations, insulation, heating, electrical installation, possibly fire proofing and ventilation. 

It is always best to speak to your local planners / building inspector first to find out what their requirements are and if a log cabin is likely to be given permission for residential use in your location. It will also highlight what modification need to be made to either a bespoke or standard cabin in order to satisfy your local area authority.

More Information

Answers to most questions can also be found by typing into the search bar in the widget or our info center or please contact us to help you further with any questions you have.