Is it possible to upgrade to double glazing

All of our buildings are as standard and will come with the glass as detailed on the product page. We do not offer an 'upgrade'.

Double glazing is not really necessary in buildings less than 58mm and is a bit of a fad in the UK. Please see this page for more details on this: Double glazing in log cabins

Generally though if it is a concern, normally if the walls are also being insulated, the glass can be changed by yourself or a fitter to double glazing. Units are very inexpensive when sourced from a glass company.

You will see some of our buildings that have double glazing with logs less than 58mm this is to cope for the UK market that asks for it. These building are specific to the UK whereas the majority of our buildings are specific to Holland and Germany who realise double glazing is not necessary in the thinner logs.


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